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Array Music Festival

From the ashes of a three night live music festival at the Albany in Deptford a journey to a virtual experience is rising... Array: A new kind of Music Festival.

Struan is Performance and Movement Director and design co-lead on this original synthesis of sound, music, visuals in a 360 degree Virtual environment.

Originally due to be a live event at Deptford’s live music hub The Albany, using a cutting-edge speaker dome specially engineered by audio experts Genelec, the festival pivoted online to bring ambisonic sound to your headphones in a new kind of music festival. Join us on June 4 for a live chat with the artists and Tom Slater of Call & Response and Co-Head of Goldsmiths Music Department Simon Deacon.

ARRAY is produced in collaboration with pioneering immersive sound agency Call & Response, production and experience design company Social Convention, and Goldsmiths Music Department / NX Records,  with Hannah Mason of Could Be Good as Design Co-Lead and Art Director and Struan Leslie as Design Co-Lead and Performance and Movement Director.

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Opening Night: Live Artist Talkback


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