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Recently a number of articles and chapters about Struan’s work have been published as well as some of his own writings.  They are listed below with links to the journals, publishers and websites. You can also find links to a number of other previously published pieces.

Curating the Invisible:
An Archive-Embedded Interview with Struan Leslie 
by Duška Radosavljević
Contemporary Theatre Review
Volume 30 Issue 2

This article is an exploration of the role and impact of Struan's work as movement director and choreographer on over thirty productions of theatre and opera with Katie Mitchell between 1995 and 2007. The article was developed while referencing archive videos of productions of Iphigenia at Aulis, The Oresteia and Seagull at the National Theatre Archive, London.

Katie Mitchell  cover of Contemporary Theatre Review Volume 30 Issue 2
Charis Taplin Lift edited.JPG
The Chorus in Contemporary Performance
A Podcast with Estelle Badou and Struan Leslie

This podcast continues Struan's relationship with the Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama (APGRD) at Oxford University. The conversation is prompted by a photograph from “Beyond the Text”, a workshop in September 2019 exploring the possible origins for dance in the text spoken by the chorus. The photograph is one of many artefacts held in their archive. There is also an blog post about the workshop here

Movement Directors in Contemporary Theatre: Conversations on Craft
by Ayse Tashkiran

This new book, with a chapter about Struan's practice, is a collection of in-depth interviews with movement practitioners.  Ayse and Struan have been having conversations about the craft of movement directing for about 20 years and the interview with Struan covers the full extent of his career.


The book is part of the Theatre Makers series for Methuen Drama.

04 Soprano Sarah Tynan and Craig Gadd in
Illuminating A Queer Aesthetic
by Struan Leslie

Rimbaud and Verlaine Foundation asked me to write a blog post based around  Illuminations and queer aesthetic.


I have created a slightly different version for my website. You can read the original on their fantastic website here.


Britten Pears Arts very generously granted  me permission to use the photos of Britten, Pears and Wulff Scherchen.  

a performance history
by Fiona Macintosh
and Claire Kenward

This Interactive/multimedia ebook is published by the Archive of Performances of Greek and Roman Drama at Oxford University.


It is being published in three instalments. The first to be published is 

Beginning & Whose Play?

The second,

Homecoming& Lyric

in August 2020.

For these Struan directed Joan Iyiola as Clytemnestra in audio performances of three of the iconic speeches from the play, in versions by Oliver Taplin and Robert Icke.


On video Struan also talks about his experiences as Movement Director working on the play in The National Theatre production of 2000 directed by Katie Mitchell 

Illuminations - Guardian 2016-06-09.jpg
Further Publications

The Ancient Dancer in the Modern World
Responses to Greek and Roman Dance

Edited by Fiona Macintosh

Ch 21 - Gesamtkunstwerk: Modern Moves and the Ancient Chorus, by Struan Leslie

Interview: director and choreographer Struan Leslie
Sarah Hemmings

Financial Times, May 2016

How to make Britten fly: soprano Sarah Tynan on fusing Les Illuminations with circus
Imogen Tilden

The Guardian, June 2016

RSC risk fresh controversy with erotic version of Bible’s Song of Solomon

Victoria Ward

Daily Telegraph, Feb 2012

Interactive Shakespeare: Processes and Provocations

The Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee Theatre Research Institute  Annual Lecture

Ohio State University, Oct 2011

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